Six years of Shakespeare Club touched the lives of hundreds of students and left Mel Ryane with a wealth of experience that she draws from to entertain and educate audiences of her Teaching Will presentation. Whether your school or organization is looking to raise arts education awareness or simply to stage some family-oriented fun, Mel dazzles with her storytelling skills. The presentation consists of:

  • a touching and inspiring 15-minute talk featuring the pedagogy Mel developed for teaching kids the works of William Shakespeare
  • a short slide show highlighting kids empowered by Mel's Shakespeare Club work
  • Mel reading an excerpt of her memoir Teaching Will
  • a five-minute video of interviews, reflections and performances from Shakespeare Club successes
  • an audience Q&A session
  • an optional book sale and signing for schools or organizations looking for a fund-raising opportunity (with all proceeds going to the school or organization)


"Mel Ryane's EVE Talk at Women's Voices was an exquisite performance, an insightful talk and a truly inspiring event. In fifteen minutes she gave us hope, joy, and uplift wrapped in a compelling story. One of the best EVE Talks I have experienced!"
—Jan Phillips, founder of Livingkindness Foundation and Women's Voices symposium

"The exquisite tour de force of acting, poetics and The Bard in motion during the Eve talks by Mel Ryane left audience members awestruck. Splendid!"
—Marisa Moks-Unger, teacher

"Mel not only described the incredible efforts she undertook to introduce the kids to Shakespeare and the timeless themes of the writing, she SHOWED us her power as an actress -- fifteen minutes of non-stop action on the stage, delivered with poise, confidence and bravado, but she transformed herself in the space of one sentence into King Richard III (the hunchback) -- a breathtaking tour de force!"
—Marsha Browne, videographer and writer

"I saw this in person and it was fantastic. So great and creative. You're one of a kind."
—June Gould, writer and teacher

"Exciting, interesting, poignant. I loved every minute."
—Amy Temple, writer

"Your presentation was awesomely inspiring! So glad I got to be there!"
—Frances Dornan, teacher

—Efy McDonnell, photographer