Examine and refine your writing by preparing it for public presentation. When you deliver your words for an audience — of one or one hundred — you can become your own editor and, thus, a self-sufficient writer.

Learn from a professional actor with a background in theatre, film and television how to prepare physically and vocally, emphasize crucial words and phrases, and face the fear of reading for an audience. You'll learn to deliver confident, clear public readings using an actor's craft without the burden of having to be an actor.


"In the words of Mel's students: 'She's a BORN TEACHER!'; 'Mel coached, mentored, and enlightened us to deliver with clarity, articulation, and ownership'; 'We got to witness our classmates embody her teachings. Bring her back!' Mel is a professional actor and writer who knows how to teach her craft. Students expressed gratitude for having improved not only their writing, but the oral presentation of their work."
—Susan Boychuk, Program Coordinator, Women's Words, University of Alberta

"The tools you shared with us were invaluable. The inspiration we felt as we watched our fellow writers transform into confident, dynamic readers digging into the heart and soul of their own writing was priceless."
—Maggie Marshall, Flatiron Writers

"Before working with Mel I was a hesitant writer and an anxious reader. She helped me find my authentic voice, and my legs to stand on. Her careful and attentive teaching changed who I am as a writer and as a person, both for the better. Since working with Mel many incredible opportunities have opened up for me. I now stand confidently. I am forever indebted to her."
—Amy Willans, writer

"It was a superb privilege and pleasure to work with someone as knowledgeable and professional as you. I have a renewed enthusiasm for getting back to work."
—Wendell Holland, Flatiron Writers

"I shall treasure both the experience of your class and your words of encouragement for the foreseeable future. The next time I put my head down on the keyboard, thereby typing twenty rows of L's and M's, I will right my shoulders, think of you, and read aloud my attempts at capturing the spirit of my characters."
—Gail Lunsford, Flatiron Writers

"I have my first public reading in June for my MFA graduation. Until your workshop, I was really dreading my thesis reading...but now I see the importance of practicing and embracing the opportunity. Thank you for making me feel like my story was worth a listen!
—Katy Nelson, Flatiron Writers